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100,000 lbs x 10 lbs Wireless Crane Scale - USA Made
Wireless Crane Scale - Hanging Scales

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Our Price: $2,700.00

Product Code: TCS-100K

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Wireless hanging scale/crane scale comes with dual wireless digital transmitters enabling operator to read weight at a safe distance. Hang from cranes, forklifts, and other lifting devices.
  • 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • Eye dimensions of load cell: 2 3/4 diameter or 71.5 mm
  • Internal rechargeable battery. Continuous operation of 270 hours before recharging.
  • This digital scale system can be used for all types of lifting and weighing applications.
  • Indicator Model TR-1-NK
  • The heavy duty load-cell is all steel and has no moving parts for long and trouble free operation.
  • If the receiver is turned off, the TCS unit goes into a sleep mode to save battery power.
  • All units are paired with a coded receiver to allow the use of multiple units in the same area.
  • A 300 foot line of sight range between the TCS and the receiver allow the scale indicator and accessories to be used in a safe area.
  • The receiver can be attached to all types of digital scale indicators for a wide variety of scale system applications and accessory interfaces
  • Enclosure - 1/2” painted steel
  • Load cell - All plated steel and temperature compensated
  • Humidity - 0 to 80% non-condensing
  • Power - Internal rechargeable battery pack


Wireless transceiver specifications
  • Accuracy 1 part in 10,000 to any scale indicator
  • Load cell 1 to 12 350 ohm cells
  • Power consumption is 250 hours for one 350 ohm cell
  • 2 years under “Sleeping Mode”
  • Range is 270 feet line of sight
Load cell unit
  • 3 .3 volt excitation
  • Input 0 to 12.9 mv
  • Charger 4 to 6 volts
Indicator unit
  • Power from indicator 5 to 15 volts DC from excitation output
Connections at both units
1 = + Excitation
2 = + Signal
3 = - Signal
4 = - Excitation
5 = Shield
Sleep mode activated at load cell unit when power is turned off at the indicator unit. This allows battery save feature.

  • Red light on load cell unit indicates low battery
  • Green light indicates good transmission when flashing fast and bad signal when flashing slow
  • Yellow light on indicator unit when the power is on.
  • Yellow light on load cell unit when charging and it turns green when fully charged
NOTE: Keep the ON/OFF switch ON when charging.
Turn if OFF and back ON to reset the transmission

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